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Aspire Academy scoops the Ferroli

Juventus-Aspire Academy: 0-2 - Sunday May 1, 2011

Aspire Academy scoops the Ferroli


JUVENTUS : Vannucchi (Leone), Bertelli (Tufano), Cifarelli, Vitale, Mannai, Somma, Castelletto,
De Crescenzo (Ceria), Porto (Gerbaudo), Ponsat, (Tufi) Decello (Pistone)
Coach: Dalla Morte Ivano

ASPIRE ACADEMY Qatar: Serigne Mor Mbaye, Hassan Awe Bala, Alma Abbo Wakili, Solomon
Ime Udo, Souleymane Kone, Ibrahim Diallo, Oshie Paul Asu (Davy Fabrice Akama), Stephen
Babaloba (Abdoulaye Sanogo), Oumarou Kaina (Malcom Frago), Hisham Abdallah Said, Franck
Coach: Simon Jennings

Referee: Marco Dal Borgo
Assistenti: Paolo Zanini, Samuel Vinco
Goals: Oumarou Kaina 5’ I tempo (Aspire) – Stephen Babaloba 10’ II tempo
Ammonites: Ponsat, Ceria (Juventus)

Result: 0 – 2
Attendance: 1.400

En plein! It booty full, the Aspire Academy. Five games, five wins, a seasoned poker goals and performance. "Impressive" is the word that this is the most popular among the stands of the "Titian", above all, the men of Jennings. Excellent technique, ensemble playing, speed and practicality, these are the weapons of eleven emirate, qualities that have enabled the training to break the bank biancoceleste literally the "Trofeo Ferroli" and stock up on individual premiums. The final, played between Juventus and Aspire Academy in a "Titian" crowded with spectators, saw the formation of the Arab boys prevail over Della Morte, thanks to the markings Babalula and Hisham. Slightly above the formation Arabic, able to trouble many times Vannucchi and members through raids and acrobatic Oshii Babalula, Juventus, as well as a significant possession, failed to penetrate through the mesh of defense biancoceleste. The goal came in the first minutes of the two fractions: the lead reaches the 5 'Oumarou, a good brush in a clear swipe network from sixteen meters, Juve wrong el'Aspire repeating a wonderful opportunity to start the scoring with the fast recovery Babalula, quick to reiterate a network of short Vannucchi rejected. Over the last remnants of the playing eleven of Death tries to straighten the game, but Babacar and his companions erected a barrier insurmountable and the result does not change, it ends 0-2.

Riccardo Perandini

Photo by Studio Novelli www.studionovelli.com